I live on 24 hours a day, what about you?


We all  live on 24 hours a day. We wake up in the morning, rush to work or school, come back home in the evening and sleep. This is how every human being on earth lives. There might be some slight variations or differences, but that is how a normal day goes by.

It amazes me when someone says I do not have time, especially when that someone is your friend or someone you expect to at least think of you sometime. It is not like I have a few more hours to live on or that I am less   busy. I just think that if you really and truly care for someone, you would make an effort to send them a message or make time for them. You are not at work every second of your day. You are not tied to your office every hour that goes by. At some point in their lives, people do not regret that they spent less time at their office, but they regret the fact that they spent less time with their loved ones or friends.

Some claim they do not have time to text their friends and reply in monologues when you text them, but they have the time to post a new status update on facebook or instagram. They do not reply to your messages till a day or two has passed, but they have read your message and changed their profile picture on Whatsapp. How is it that they manage to find the time for social media but not to talk to their friends?

Maybe I live a more balanced life or maybe I do not lead an exciting life or go out much.  Or maybe I manage to make an effort in order to do the things that I like to do. Instead of spending hours scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram, I choose to read a book. Instead of updating my profile picture or status update, I would rather talk to my friends or family. Instead of hanging out at night with total strangers, I would rather have coffee with a neighbour or a close friend.

I guess sometimes in life some people change their priorities. They no longer view you as an important link to their life. They just let you go silently. That is why I choose to have few trusted friends, who make an effort to be a part of my life and not just when it pleases them.

Yes, it hurts me and makes me cry. Maybe I am very emotional or just get attached too fast or expect a lot from people in general. But I would rather be that than just cold-hearted and too busy to even greet your friend who has been with you through every crisis you have overcome.

This is not a complaint but a cry from my heart!!!

We all live on 24 hours. It’s just how you set your priorities within those 24 hours that determines how busy you are.

Dwindling Friendship


There was a time when we were inseparable,

We spent every moment together,

Every second apart, we counted the minutes when we would be together again,

I was always there when you needed me,

When everyone was against you, I stood by your side,

Never letting you face any battle alone,

We laughed like there was no tomorrow,

There wasn’t a secret between us,

Everyone spoke of our friendship as a legend, a history they would narrate for generations to come,

There were many who tried to tear us apart,

But we stood united and together as ever,

Partners in crime, Accomplice in mischief,

That was us!!!

With you I felt like I could conquer the world,

Every challenge felt like a joy to face,

Every bout of sadness turned into a smile,

Every achievement felt like it was magnified a million times more,

Every secret we shared was a whisper no one would ever know,

But today, we hardly even talk,

the word “busy” defines our relationship to each other,

miles separate us because we are now in different towns,

different jobs,

we can post selfies and change our profile pictures,

but we can’t talk to each other,

we can socialize with others but not with us,

we can chat with others, but not to each other,

I feel a tug at my heart for feeling this way,

we are drifting apart,

You can barely answer my texts,

leaving monosyllables of yeah, yes, no

I feel like I have lost you,

I feel like I have been replaced,

I ask about your life but you never answer,

I ask about work and all you can say is busy,

So much going on in my life,

but you aren’t there to hear any of it,

I cry but you aren’t there to console my pain,

That’s fine,

I’ll always hold the memories we shared close to my heart,

Never again will I have a best friend,

because they all move away, leaving me where I am,

replacing me with the next best thing in life,

Dwindling Friendship,

Broken Friendship,

That’s what remains of us!!!!!



Glanceful of Lust



Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,

You stand cross legged leaning against the door of your car,

You just saw your wife drive away to meet her friends,

Heaving a sigh of relief, you glance around trying to catch the eye of someone unaware of your presence,

You puff the smoke from your cigar and watch it perish into the air,

It gives you a high, a sense of freedom, at least for a little while,

You feel an immense need for getting away from your mundane life,

You watch like a predator waiting for its prey,

A few young girls pass by but they don’t interest you,

probably in a few years time,

Suddenly you see the girl that you just feel seems like the right one,

Not very popular,

Walking alone,

Probably someone who moved here for work or studies, away from home,hot-kiss-love-lust-Favim.com-4013731

An easy target,

Her luscious curves forcing you take a deep breath imagining her squealing beneath you,

Her heels clank softly on the pavement and you need to do something to get her attention,

Suddenly she twists her leg and drops the book she’s holding in her hands,

perfect opportunity.

You take a few strides ahead, pick her book before she can get to it,

and ask “Are you okay?”

She replies “Yes, thank you!” and moves off.

Damn! You wanted more,

She is not very attractive or bold, but she has a sweet appearance,

You thought she would mellow at the slightest attention,

Instead she brushed off your gestures, hitting your ego in all the wrong spots,

You walk towards her showering her with flattery that she is pretty, unlike any other you have ever met,


You try to charm her with your sweet words,

hoping she would agree to go for a ride,

so you can charm her and add her name to the list of girls you have had lustful encounters with,

You think she is about to consent and you give a sinister smile,

when she tells you she in loud clear words that will forever ring in your ears as you try to lure innocent women into your lyre,

“Glanceful of lust,

Handful of wicked intentions,

Words that flow like sweet savoury wine,

I have seen many like you,

Heard a lot of praise thrown at my feet,

I am in no need of any companionship with you,

I am far too strong and precious for you,

I have neither the time nor the luxury to entertain a fool like you.”



Empty Canvass




A sense of dread gradually creeps into my mind,

awakening the fear I have tried to bury deep down in my soul,

forcing me to face the challenge I am not prepared to witness,

urging me to take a leap of faith I am not sure of surviving,

Why does it feel like no matter what I do, it’s never enough?

Why does it feel like I am trapped within this world?

Why am I scared of failure?

Why have I lost the ability to joyfully smile and face life?

Why do I hide my real desires frightened of scorn and ridicule?

Why am I scared of what the world might think of me?

I am like an empty canvass

fearful of being ripped and tainted by the extreme galore of colors?

How will I be anything but an empty canvass if this fear fails to diminish from my life?


Shredded Hopes


I often wonder how every instant in my life is clouded by the fear of failing,

I often marvel at how every second I am fearful of going through the worst tribulation,

I am often puzzled by how difficult life is turning out to be day after day,

Just when I feel this is is the worst that could ever happen to me, life throws me into another battle, worst than the former,

Just when I feel I have overcome a serious problem, another is thrown at my head, not giving me the opportunity to recover or evade the blow,

Failed relationships & Heartbreaks,

Financial setbacks,

Career issues,

family complications,

expecting too much,

everyone wanting a bit of you,

Sickness and Despair,

Sorrow and loneliness

I have been through it all,

How much more am I to endure?

How much more do I have to go through?

Is it never going to end?

When am I going to feel contentment and calm in my life?

When am I going to be genuinely happy with my life?

All the hopes, ambitions, aspirations that I once had

are fading

All the dreams and desires I once envisioned for myself

are dulling amidst the chaos of life

All the positivity, bravery, courage

are evaporating into thin air

Everything that I ever wanted is shredding into tiny droplets of despair

Hanging on to suck the breath out of me

Wanting to make me devoid of any kind of hope

or light

forcing me to succumb to anguish and frustration,

leading me to a path of darkness and melancholy,

Igniting an echo that flows endlessly around me,

Shredded Hopes

Shredded Hopes

Shredded Hopes