Sweet Tingly Butterflies Flapping Their Wings in my Heart

I am no stranger to heartbreak and heartache,

I have had my heart broken and shattered so many times I have lost count,

I have built up strong exteriors around my heart, which protect me from more pain and suffering,

But somehow my heart still hopes and yearns for some love, for someone who could genuinely care for me, make me smile, make all the struggles in life worth fighting for.

Alas, the heart is like a child that never gives up!!!!

I see him once a week on Saturday where I go for my weekend lunch,

The rest of the week goes by when tiny remembrances of him brush over my mind, making my heart flutter with excitement,

He’s always seated on the table next to mine, writing a report on some project,

Don’t ask me how I know, He spoke to me once,

and my heart skipped a beat!!

He monitors and evaluates projects, just the feel of these words is enough to get me all hyped up,

I love a man who writes , who does some sort of creative work.

He reads too!!! An added plus!!!

He’s cute, tall and that smile of his, a killer!!! That smile could cast a spell on femininity!!!!

His voice, a husky manly tone,

He’s a little shy, I catch bits of his glimpses on me,

I am as guilty as he is. I stare at him too,

Pretending to be lost in thought,

Or glancing over the book I am reading,

hoping to catch his eye, or just look at him for a teenie weenie bit,

It’s a game we play, stare with longing, with flirty gazes,






He isn’t like the other guys,

Straight away coming up to my table, asking for my number or trying to get too close too fast,

At times, I like this slowness, this old romance type attraction,

At times, my heart wishes he would make a move, ask for my number or say something other than just occasional smiles and glimpses,

Is he thinking about me the same way?

Is he feeling what I am feeling?

Am I constructing castles in the air?

Am I paving the way for another heartbreak?

I am scared, terrified that he may have someone else in his life,

That maybe it’s just me and my imagination running wild,

That there’s nothing here but infatuation,

But why does my heart wish for more?

Why does my heart beat faster when I see him walk towards his table?

Why does his voice strike a chord that matches with the music my heart hopes to create?

Why does his glance make butterflies flutter in my heart and everywhere else?

Why am I longing for him when I have no idea if he feels the same way about me?

Why do I smile while thinking of him?

Is this meant to be or is it just one of the many jokes karma is playing on me?

All I know is I like him and I wish for more,

Each second feels like ages and ages,

Why the anticipation? the fear? the panic?

Oh!!!! the butterflies, please stop fluttering as much as you do,

Please stop flapping your wings as hurriedly as you do,

until I know where I stand or what this all is about.










I live on 24 hours a day, what about you?


We all  live on 24 hours a day. We wake up in the morning, rush to work or school, come back home in the evening and sleep. This is how every human being on earth lives. There might be some slight variations or differences, but that is how a normal day goes by.

It amazes me when someone says I do not have time, especially when that someone is your friend or someone you expect to at least think of you sometime. It is not like I have a few more hours to live on or that I am less   busy. I just think that if you really and truly care for someone, you would make an effort to send them a message or make time for them. You are not at work every second of your day. You are not tied to your office every hour that goes by. At some point in their lives, people do not regret that they spent less time at their office, but they regret the fact that they spent less time with their loved ones or friends.

Some claim they do not have time to text their friends and reply in monologues when you text them, but they have the time to post a new status update on facebook or instagram. They do not reply to your messages till a day or two has passed, but they have read your message and changed their profile picture on Whatsapp. How is it that they manage to find the time for social media but not to talk to their friends?

Maybe I live a more balanced life or maybe I do not lead an exciting life or go out much.  Or maybe I manage to make an effort in order to do the things that I like to do. Instead of spending hours scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram, I choose to read a book. Instead of updating my profile picture or status update, I would rather talk to my friends or family. Instead of hanging out at night with total strangers, I would rather have coffee with a neighbour or a close friend.

I guess sometimes in life some people change their priorities. They no longer view you as an important link to their life. They just let you go silently. That is why I choose to have few trusted friends, who make an effort to be a part of my life and not just when it pleases them.

Yes, it hurts me and makes me cry. Maybe I am very emotional or just get attached too fast or expect a lot from people in general. But I would rather be that than just cold-hearted and too busy to even greet your friend who has been with you through every crisis you have overcome.

This is not a complaint but a cry from my heart!!!

We all live on 24 hours. It’s just how you set your priorities within those 24 hours that determines how busy you are.

Dwindling Friendship


There was a time when we were inseparable,

We spent every moment together,

Every second apart, we counted the minutes when we would be together again,

I was always there when you needed me,

When everyone was against you, I stood by your side,

Never letting you face any battle alone,

We laughed like there was no tomorrow,

There wasn’t a secret between us,

Everyone spoke of our friendship as a legend, a history they would narrate for generations to come,

There were many who tried to tear us apart,

But we stood united and together as ever,

Partners in crime, Accomplice in mischief,

That was us!!!

With you I felt like I could conquer the world,

Every challenge felt like a joy to face,

Every bout of sadness turned into a smile,

Every achievement felt like it was magnified a million times more,

Every secret we shared was a whisper no one would ever know,

But today, we hardly even talk,

the word “busy” defines our relationship to each other,

miles separate us because we are now in different towns,

different jobs,

we can post selfies and change our profile pictures,

but we can’t talk to each other,

we can socialize with others but not with us,

we can chat with others, but not to each other,

I feel a tug at my heart for feeling this way,

we are drifting apart,

You can barely answer my texts,

leaving monosyllables of yeah, yes, no

I feel like I have lost you,

I feel like I have been replaced,

I ask about your life but you never answer,

I ask about work and all you can say is busy,

So much going on in my life,

but you aren’t there to hear any of it,

I cry but you aren’t there to console my pain,

That’s fine,

I’ll always hold the memories we shared close to my heart,

Never again will I have a best friend,

because they all move away, leaving me where I am,

replacing me with the next best thing in life,

Dwindling Friendship,

Broken Friendship,

That’s what remains of us!!!!!



Mysterious Stacks Of Books In NYC Are Connecting Strangers From Around The World (Source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2DAqYA/:5Y02znYi:fp_pVVV!/www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/shaheryar-malikleaves-leaves-stacks-books-new-york-city-social-network_us_56f95ef6e4b014d3fe239668)

Could this be a new chapter in the way we interact with one another?

Shaheryar Malik has left stacks of books from his own library at popular destinations all over New York City. He doesn’t stick around to see if anyone takes one of his books, nor does he re-visit his stacks. Instead he leaves a bookmark with his email address printed on it inside each book, in the hopes that he’ll hear back from whomever decided to pick that book up.

Stack of books left in Central Park.

“If I stuck around or revisited the stacks then it would be very close to how we live ‘digitally,’” Malik told The Huffington Post. “Nowadays we can go back and look at something we posted whenever we want. We can just hang around on social networks for hours [watching a post].”

So, instead he decided to leave the books to “live their own lives.”

“I felt much calmer, relaxed and yet more excited when I walked away from them,” he said.

Stack of books left in on steps near the Hudson River.

Malik’s novel idea, called The Reading Project, started last spring when he was on a walk near Brooklyn Bridge and felt the impulse to take a selfie. But right before he snapped the photo, he realized something:

“I’ve been on that bridge so many times and every time everyone takes the same picture and does the same thing. I wanted to try something different.”

So, instead of sharing yet another selfie of someone on The Brooklyn Bridge, he decided to share something physical instead of digital.

He went to his home library, selected a variety of titles and left a stack on New York’s iconic bridge.

Stack of books left on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Malik says he’s left eight stacks through out the city at locations like Central Park and Grand Central Station, and aside from one small stack, each consisted of about 45 to 55 books, which he typically transports from his home by car and then from the car with a trolley.

Each stack has a note that reads: “Take a book. Any book. When you finish, email the artist.”

The Morning Email
Wake up to the day’s most important news.

When someone sends him an email, Malik asks the person which book they took and where they live.

Stack of books left on The Highline.

He’s received about 70 emails from over 30 countries around the globe.

“Not all the books have been read which means this could keep going,” said Malik. “That’s one of the things that I really love about this project — it may never end.”

Stack of books left on a footbridge above a highway near the Washington Bridge.

Malik has given away all of his books, except for three that he’s currently reading. When he’s finished with those, he’ll keep them on his bookshelf until he’s accumulated about 40 or 50 more to create a new stack. He says he plans to leave stacks outside of New York City and mentions Malaysia and Brazil as two places he has in mind.

A small stack was left in a playground above Central Park in Harlem.

“Words in a book sitting on my shelf are meaningless and lifeless to me until they are read again,” he said. “The people who’ve taken part in the project are now connected to me in this weird [but good] way. I’ve never seen or met them, but I know what they have read and vice versa. That’s pretty personal. Strange thing is that I’ve given a total stranger a part of me and yet, I still have it.”


My Comments: We really need this here in Tanzania. It would be a welcome surprise to receive books this way from an anonymous stranger to cultivate the love of reading and joy of books.

Read 200 Books This Year by Making This 1 Tiny Change to Your Routine A little math proves you do have enough time to change your life with books. (Source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/3u6Huw/:1i4$8mO$q:jq@0jpCI/www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/yes-you-do-have-time-to-read-200-books-this-year.html)

CREDIT: Getty Images

Really, that’s it.

And if you don’t believe me, there’s a whole host of luminaries, from Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to Richard Branson and Barack Obama, who will tell you the same thing.

But if building your brainpower is that straightforward, why don’t more people do it? For the same reason that we fail to do lots of worthy but less urgent self-improvement projects–we’re all really busy.

But are we really? A new article by Charles Chu of site Better Humans raises an eyebrow of skepticism at people who claim they simply don’t have enough time to feed their intellect with books. And he has math on his side.

The simple math that proves you do have enough time to read

Chu tells the story of how reading 200 hundred books a year (yes, 200!) for the past several years has helped him turn his life around, reconsider his career, and become much happier. It’s a fascinating tale. But Chu also anticipates the objections. That’s great for you, some might say, but my life is chaos.

Nope, counters Chu. If you’re anything like the average American, you actually have plenty of time to read just as much as he did. All you have to do is make one little substitution in your life. He starts with how much time you need:

“First, let’s take a look at two statistics:

  • The average American reads 200 to 400 words per minute
  • Typical nonfiction books have about 50,000 words

Now, all we need are some quick calculations:

  • 200 books x 50,000 words/book = 10 million words
  • 10 million words/400 wpm = 25,000 minutes
  • 25,000 minutes/60 = 417 hours

That’s all there is to it. To read 200 books, simply spend 417 hours a year reading.”

Before you object and say that there’s no way you have 417 hours a year to spare, Chu points out a few uncomfortable facts:

“Here’s how much time a single American spends on social media and TV in a year:

  • 608 hours on social media
  • 1,642 hours on TV

If those hours were spent reading instead, you could be reading more than 1,000 books a year.

Here’s the simple truth behind reading a lot of books: It’s not that hard. We have all the time we need.”

He’s not the only one pointing out that the only reason many of us don’t have time for books is because we’re addicted to screens (time that we often fine wildly unfulfilling). Design for Hackers author David Kadavy has also noted that if you simply pick up a book every time you get that itch to mindlessly browse your feeds, you’ll hit your reading target in no time.

If you’re still thinking this change sounds easier said than done, then check out Chu’s complete post for specific tips on making the switch, or read other experts’ advice on how to read moredespite your busy schedule.

So what do you think: Would you be willing to substitute most of your social media time this year for reading good, old-fashioned books?

Send Prison Inmate Magazines To Help Prisoners Develop The Habit of Reading Books (Source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1z33K0/:J3@nt+71:iOjkK!v_/www.pressbox.co.uk/Business/Send_Prison_Inmate_Magazines_To_Help_Prisoners_Develop_The_Habit_of_Reading_Books_1619643.html)

Books have the unique ability to change minds and nurture thoughts in an individual’s life. I recently read an article about an initiative to develop the habit of reading among inmates in prisons. A lot of times we judge those who are in prison for their crimes. Undoubtedly, some of them are indeed hardened criminals and need to be punished for their actions, but how do we ensure that once released they do not go back to the same lifestyle that put them behind bars in the first place?



Added: (Tue Sep 15 2015)

Pressbox (Press Release) – Good books surely have a great influence on people and can also change their course of life.This is the reason why everyone is encouraged to read books and prison inmates are also no exception. Studies show that most of the prisoners have below average education and it is also one reason for most of them to land up in prison. So the prison officials have come up with a program allowing family members of the prisoners to send books to prison inmates that are more likely read by them than those provided by the prison authorities as part of the “participation in reading & education programs”. But many may wonder how to send books to inmates, which is actually never a problem as you can find the online book store, offering you their services to send books for prison inmates that were chosen by you.

So if you have any family member or friend in the jail you can choose from a vast range of books offered by the store to send across to the prison inmates that gives them the freedom to travel through the world though locked up behind the bars. Good books would surely give them a hope to change and you can send across books on self-help, biographies, prison inmate magazines, comic books, sports books and anything that would catch their interest to cultivate their reading habit. Once they start reading books naturally they shall refine their choice for best books which would also help them to enhance their skills and give them the confidence to live in the society once free from the prison.

Studies in fact show that those who participate in this reading and education programs during their prison term are less likely to return to the prison compared to those who don’t show any interest in this program. As family members send the books they are an emotional connection that encourages them to go through the books that are specifically sent to them. So whether you want to choose prison inmate magazines or any other books like career, health and fitness, bible or whatever there is no need to hesitate as to how to send books to the inmates as it is taken care by the online bookstore from which you buy the books.

However, you should note that all books have to be approved by the prison authorities before they are handed over to the prisoners and in case of any rejection even after going for an appeal the book store shall refund your amount.


NON FICTION BOOKS I INTEND TO READ AFTER BEING IMPRESSED WITH AN INTERESTING ARTICLE:- 10 Books That Changed My Life (Source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1JvAAv/:5-O+4ub8:fkNE3LDA/www.akumu.me/single-post/2017/05/17/10-Books-That-Changed-My-Life)

I read a lot of non-fiction books. And though I wouldn’t call myself a prolific reader, I will admit to being a little obsessed.

 Okay – A LOT obsessed.

 Sometimes it feels as though there aren’t enough lifetimes to read all the books I’ve got lined up in my list.

 So what’s my criteria?

 Any book that allows me to better myself or think in a totally new way.

 Lots of books have done that. But these ten picks went above and beyond. It’s hardly an exaggeration. They literally changed my life.

 They either changed the way I think, the way I speak or the way I act. Basically, the way I live.

 So it’s no surprise that I have read some of them two or three times over – and will keep doing so every couple of years.

 Hopefully they’ve changed or they’ll change your life as much as they did mine.

1. Mastery by Robert Greene


 This one’s an obvious first. Robert Greene rocked my world with The 48 Laws of Power so picking up this book was a no-brainer.

 Greene covers the lives of historical masters and contemporary outliers with such detail, it’s impossible to not get inspired. According to him, we can all reach mastery in anything we put our minds to if we are willing to work as hard and as persistently as the geniuses he expounds on did.

 I’ve not finished reading the book yet.

 Mostly because I don’t want to get to the last page.

 Yeah, it’s that good!

 2. The Gifts Of Imperfection by Brené Brown


This one was a total life changer. It changed the way I relate to others and most importantly, how I relate to myself.

 It’s a book written by a researcher of Shame and Vulnerability so you can imagine just how much juicy data it comes from. Dr. Brené Brown doesn’t just talk about her findings. She also shares her personal experiences with shame and vulnerability and this gives the book such a personal touch.

 In essence, the book is a perfectly-written instruction manual about wholehearted living (the decision to cultivate courage, compassion, and connection in an effort to live from a place of worthiness) and how to accept our imperfections.

 I got to read it at a time when I really needed to look at my imperfections in a different light. It was suggested by a dear friend who also read it at a point in their life when they absolutely needed it.

 3.Linchpin by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is right up there in my list of favourite writers. His simple prose and chopped up sections make his books really easy reads.

 Linchpin was a game changer for me.

 Godin goes deep with the idea that the best way to avoid being replaced in what you do is to be truly indispensable. Something we’ve all certainly thought about. But this book gives you the play by play of how to achieve it.

 Godin says you need to be an artist in order to be indispensable. By ‘artist’ he means adding some soul and emotion to your work – an idea that will certainly transform how you look at your work, your career and your life in general.

 The words in this book have stayed with me ever since.

 4. The Element by Sir Ken Robinson


After watching Sir Ken Robinson’s highly-acclaimed TED Talk, I decided right away that I had to pick up his book. And it didn’t disappoint.

 The Element is a book that inspires readers to find their own unique passion. It follows the ideas that Sir Ken Robinson spoke about on the TED stage back in 2005.

The book asserts that finding your Element is not just good for you – it’s great for the community at large. Another over-arching point the book makes is that educational systems need to help students find their Element.

 The knighted author also uses anecdotes about well-known personalities to illustrate his points in this book.

 It’s certainly a book worth picking up.

 5. The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

 I’m almost certain I picked up this book right after I was fired from a job I had put a lot of hard work on. The book helped me to pick myself up and tread on in the path of lots of resistance.

 As the name suggests, the book is about how to live an unconventional life.

 Chris Guillebeau makes a strong case about how to embrace non-conformity and live the life of your dreams. Just like he did/does.

 What I loved about the book was the fact that Guillebeau makes things seem doable. Especially those things we are so afraid of trying.

 The book has a way of giving you the balls to go for what you want.

 6. The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

 I don’t know where to begin with this one.

 I am hoping my former bosses are not reading this – but I attribute my disdain for an office environment to this book right here.

 It’s also because of this book that I seek some kind of freedom in all areas related to my livelihood.

 The 4-Hour Work Week is pretty much a Bible for digital nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs. The idea is not necessarily about working 4 hours a week only. It’s more about how to get the freedom to do what’s most important in your life.

 It’s about not deferring your life but living it fully in the present.

 Ferriss shares his personal experiences alongside inspiring words that’ll get you off your butt in case you’ve been looking to escape a mediocre existence.

 7. Flinch by Julien Smith

I remember this being one of the first books I got on my tablet’s kindle app. And it was a great choice!

 It’s basically a guidebook on how to step outside your comfort zone.

 There are times when we don’t go for what will make a huge difference in our lives because we flinch. We avoid progressing because we feel fear creeping in. The book emphasizes that yes fear will be there, but what’s important is to move forward despite it. 

 Julien Smith is quite gifted at presenting this overdone subject in a refreshing way. Flinch is definitely worth a read. And it’ll take just under an hour to finish.

 8. Wealth Can’t Wait by David Osborn and Paul Morris

 This is one I am still in the process of reading. And I must tell you – I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

 I decided to read it because (I must admit) I’m not the most financially savvy person out there. Nor I’m I as entrepreneurial as I would like to be.

 But as I read the book, I realised it’s about more than just how to manage your money and how to become wealthy. It is a guidebook that’ll switch your perspective on a large number of things that go on inside your head.

 This book will teach you how to identify the things that push you further away from the kind of life you imagine for yourself.

It’s a book that’s worth reading over and over again.

 9. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

 This one’s a book that reeks of “self-helpiness” but make no mistake – it’s different.

 It’s different because Jen Sincero is a gifted and sincere story teller.

 As the name suggests, the book’s about how to get you to become the badass you’ve always wanted to be – without the doubts that you’ve been dragging around in your head.

 It follows Sincero’s own experiences coupled with some inspirational notions that are set to light a fire under your butt.

 I totally recommended it.

 10. The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday


If you’ve always been curious to learn any kind of Philosophy, then this book is right up your alley.

 It is not a Philosophy book for people who just want to sit and think.


 It’s for people who want to act.

 In the book, Ryan Holiday talks about using Stoicism as a mental model. The main idea is that we can reframe the obstacles we face in order to push forward towards success and fulfillment in life.

 The book is filled with anecdotes of how some of the most successful people in history applied stoicism to overcome challenging situations.

 Trust me, you’ll won’t be able to look at your problems in the same way ever again.

 It’s definitely worth a read.