Glanceful of Lust



Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,

You stand cross legged leaning against the door of your car,

You just saw your wife drive away to meet her friends,

Heaving a sigh of relief, you glance around trying to catch the eye of someone unaware of your presence,

You puff the smoke from your cigar and watch it perish into the air,

It gives you a high, a sense of freedom, at least for a little while,

You feel an immense need for getting away from your mundane life,

You watch like a predator waiting for its prey,

A few young girls pass by but they don’t interest you,

probably in a few years time,

Suddenly you see the girl that you just feel seems like the right one,

Not very popular,

Walking alone,

Probably someone who moved here for work or studies, away from home,

An easy target,

Her luscious curves forcing you take a deep breath imagining her squealing beneath you,

Her heels clank softly on the pavement and you need to do something to get her attention,

Suddenly she twists her leg and drops the book she’s holding in her hands,

perfect opportunity.

You take a few strides ahead, pick her book before she can get to it,

and ask “Are you okay?”

She replies “Yes, thank you!” and moves off.

Damn! You wanted more,

She is not very attractive or bold, but she has a sweet appearance,

You thought she would mellow at the slightest attention,

Instead she brushed off your gestures, hitting your ego in all the wrong spots,

You walk towards her showering her with flattery that she is pretty, unlike any other you have ever met,


You try to charm her with your sweet words,

hoping she would agree to go for a ride,

so you can charm her and add her name to the list of girls you have had lustful encounters with,

You think she is about to consent and you give a sinister smile,

when she tells you she in loud clear words that will forever ring in your ears as you try to lure innocent women into your lyre,

“Glanceful of lust,

Handful of wicked intentions,

Words that flow like sweet savoury wine,

I have seen many like you,

Heard a lot of praise thrown at my feet,

I am in no need of any companionship with you,

I am far too strong and precious for you,

I have neither the time nor the luxury to entertain a fool like you.”




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