Happy Birthday Papa




Among the darkest clouds in my life, your light shines brighter than the star,

In the chaos of daily life, yours is the hand that leads me to peace and tranquility,

When the clock of sorrow ticks around my life, yours are the arms that hold me tight

When the wave of sadness washes me over,  yours are the words and gestures that put a smile on my face,

When I feel lonely and lost, your voice is the guide that leads me home or close to my destination,

When I do wrong, yours is the guidance that I seek,

When I am heartbroken, yours is the gentleness that heals my wounds,

When I am scared, yours is the protection I seek,

When I achieve even the tiniest bit of success, yours is the loudest applause and praise that I hear,

When I raise my hands in prayer to the Almighty God, Yours is the blessing that I wish bestowed upon me,

I am surely endowed with divine grace to have a father like you,

And on your special day, the day you were born, I wish for nothing else but your happiness and good health,

I wish for understanding and love so I can always cherish your presence in my life,

I pray for wisdom and courage so I may hold your hand when pain strikes your body,

I pray for your existence in my life and my future children so you may impart your wise words to them,

Happy Birthday, Papa!!!!

I Love You.


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