Sugar Coated


Life has taught me one simple truth which never fails to give me solace when I am feeling weakened and stressed with the daily pressures of life. I am no stranger to the downfalls and failures one goes through in life. At a very young age, I knew my life was not going to be as easy as the other kids around me. No doubt they had their own struggles but they had better opportunities than I did.

As I grew up my belief in the hope of a happily ever after had dimmed considerably. Life will never shower you with a perfect tomorrow. All you can hope and pray for is the strength and courage to face adversities without losing yourself or accepting defeat.

You will always have people around you, some who are family, some friends, some colleagues and some acquaintances you see daily on the bus or church but do not really have a strong bond with. All these people will relate to you in different ways. Some will help you in need. Others will abandon you.

But the major theme that remains common is that these people are with you for their own selfish reasons. They will be nice towards you not because they are truly nice but because they are receiving something from you that they desperately need. Be it family or friends or lovers, they are with you until they have exhausted your potential to the maximum level possible.

Once they can no longer get what you provided in the first place they will move on  to other people and experiences.

I will not say I am selfless or any better. I am a selfish person too at times.

We all sugarcoat our intentions and opinions to match with others so we can confirm to their beliefs and not appear awkward. We never let out true selves be revealed except in the deepest confines of our conscience. We pretend to be nice and humble when all we really want to do is beat the living hell out of someone.

That is just life. No one is right or wrong.

it is just a sugar coated world for the sugar coated times in a sugar coated life.


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