A Little Too Late


All too often my soul wanders about without any sense of direction hoping to find solace and tranquility in life,

All too often my heart yearns to be loved and cherished, wandering about aimlessly from one relationship to the next, hoping that this might work out,

All too often I ache to breathe a sigh of relief in the arms of someone I love,

All too often I desire to place my hand over the hand of someone who will comfort me and kiss my fingers,

All too often I crave for a kiss on my brow, strong arms pulling me into a tight embrace,

All too often I pine for a soft whisper in my ear, making me giggle with excitement,

All too often I thirst for a strong chest to lay my head on as I am lured to sleep,

All too often I lust for a passionate kiss igniting the flame of desire deep within the core of my being,

All too often I long for a possessive glance daring someone to do as much take a tiny step towards me as I pass by the road,

All too often I lament on the heightened loneliness I feel in my life, unleashing a fearful cry of sorrow,

All too often I hold on to the belief that somewhere, someone is feeling the same emotions as I am,

All too often I console my heart with the hope that in this whole wide world there is a better half for you,

All too often I assure myself that not all men will inflict immeasurable pain on your already scarred heart,

All too often I fancy going around the world with nothing but the bravery of a warrior guiding me to the beautiful rainbow,

All too often I trust the words my mind echoes that you will not die alone, that someone will come and sweep you off your feet,

All too often I relish in the thought that a knight in shining armor will step into my life and fill the void in my soul,

My heart yearns to feel these shades of love, jealousy, hope, passion and soft whispers,

But the greatest tragedy of all is that the person I want to experience this with is never going to be mine,

I can never have a happily ever after with him,

I met him a little too late.



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