Despairs in Life

Life is full of challenges. We are constantly bombarded with failures, dissatisfaction, heartbreaks, disputes and so many other instances that we feel like the world is out there to get us and bury us six feet under the ground with no means of escape.

I know life is difficult and seldom easy I realize there are so many blessings in my life. I have someplace I can call home, I have enough to eat, a good job, loving parents, genuine friends as well as clothes to wear. But why is it still not enough? Why do I still feel there is something missing in my life? Why do I feel disheartened and helpless?

Is it because I am always prone to disasters? Is it because I am always waiting for life to give me the next blow? Is it because I am surrounded by individuals who are less deserving of success and praise yet they are in a better position than I could ever be? 

Is it because I am always hoping for peace and calm that never descends? Is it because I am always expecting for the worst to occur? Is it because I get easily upset? Is it because I am never at peace scared of failing?

Is it because I am fearful of having my happiness jinxed? Is it because I am so apprehensive and despise disharmony? 

Whatever it is I hope these despairs of life don’t get at me too much and force me to turn into a broken and lost soul. I hope these despairs don’t turn me into a slave of circumstance and sorrow? I hope I can find inner peace from these despairs of life.

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