My Inspiration – My father





I cannot imagine surviving life without you by my side for even one single moment. I can never forget all the wonderful experiences you shared with me, all the sacrifices you made for me and how worthwhile you made my life.

You were the first person who held me as soon as I was born. You gently tucked me into your arms and kissed me saying I was so precious to you and you would always be by my side. I may not have been able to understand the magnitude of those words at that time but as I grew up those words consoled me and gave me the strength to overcome the most difficult times in my life.

You were the one who held my tiny little finger when I took my first steps and you were the first one to rush to my side when I fell.

We did not have rooms full of dolls and teddy bears to play but you were the best friend I could ever have. You were the teddy bear i could cuddle and play with, Your strong back was the car I drove and your face was the one I painted with ridiculous colours.

We did not have a car to go to faraway places but you walked every mile with me. You took me to school, to pray, to my friends, to the nearby shop and anywhere else I wanted to go.

We did not have a plasma tv or any tv for that matter but your jokes, dances and mimicry entertained me till I was aching from laughing so much. We did not have a radio for listening music but you sang the best lullabies and melodies till I was lured to sleep.

We did not have dinner tables full of delicious meals but you baked the best cookies for me having none left for yourself. You fed me with your hands and wiped my face which was full of crumbs.

You plaited my hair so neatly that not a tiny bit was haywire. You dressed me up so I appeared smart and pretty and you never left for home till I was safely inside my class.

We did not have a tuition teacher but you did my homework with me. You taught me the right way to write and do all my sums correctly. You encouraged me to read and made me realize how amazing the world of books could be. I still remember the silly stories we made up and the countless of adventures we had in the kitchen and living room.

You were awake when I was sick nursing me to health. You were the best audience whose echoes of applause never ceased even after the performance was over. I was always a winner in your eyes, always a fighter, always victorious and as beautiful as the stars glittering in the sky.

Even when I was a grown up girl and I could do everything on my own you still helped me. You heard all my complaints and demands and did whatever you could do to put a smile on my face.

I know we passed through difficult times and we had less support from our closed ones. When I was hurt by their words and cruel intentions you stood like a pillar not letting me fall. You stood silently bearing their harsh remarks and humiliation while they laughed at your expense. You taught how to remain calm and tolerant. You showed me how to ignore negativity so you could focus on the positivity in life.

We were happy in the little that we had but they tried to snatch even that from us. You fought like a strong warrior and never let them diminish my determination or break my spirit.

Your guidance and endless support persisted throughout my childhood and to this day when I am a grown woman you are still there as charming as ever.

It is because of you that I was able to fulfill my dream of completing my undergraduate degree and being the best at what I do. I now realize how tough it must have been for you to buy those expensive books for me, to buy the best shoes and the dress I most wanted yet you never complained or made me feel like I deserved any less.

You are not just my father, You are my Dad.

You are my hero.

You are the only man who loved me unconditionally and never expected anything in return.

You are the only man who never lets me go and holds me close to his soul.

You are the only man whose arms I will rush into and hide when the world is out there to get me.

You are the only man whose hand I will never grow out of holding.

You are my inspiration, Papa.

I love you and can never live without you.

Thank you for being the best Papa in this world and if I am ever reborn I want just you as my Papa.

My Papa, My Inspiration.

I will always be your little princess.




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