Inner Beauty Vs Outer Beauty




Beauty is perceived in various ways by every person. For some it is wearing a beautiful dress. For others it is being clad in pearls and jewels. To others its walking in high heels and to others its just having a cute smile. However we perceive it beauty has many forms and could signify various attitudes across diverse cultures and platforms.

Beauty is not only regarded to be a human feature but it is seen in art, nature, literature, music, language and many other forums. Countless of words and images have portrayed beauty from time immemorial.

What puzzles me about human beauty is that it is valued more in terms of an individual’s outer appearance. How you dress, how you walk, how you talk impacts your life in numerous ways. Undoubtedly everyone who wants to succeed in life has to appear smart and confident. No one would give importance to an object that is not well presented or just plain.

The emphasis placed on your outward beauty is so much more important to the world. I have always faced this problem more so in the professional world. Everyone wants to set standards on how you should dress, how you should appear and how you should walk or eat. This has often had a devastating impact on my esteem where I have felt worthless and demeaned like an object.

Its not that I dress poorly or don’t appear pretty. I dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable and enables me to work effectively. I apply minimal make up and wear shoes that will not give me pain or render me unable to walk as the day goes on. But in some way or other I end up on the line feeling dissatisfied and drained due to the endless demands on my outward appearance.

You need to lose weight, You are fat.

You need to apply this product and that product on your face.

You need to change your wardrobe.

You need to put on makeup to look beautiful.

You need to dress like so and so.

The remarks never cease on how I can change myself to ideals identified as beautiful according to the society.

All I am asking is why do I have to be thin to feel beautiful? Why do I have wear the latest trends to feel beautiful? Why do I have to apply make up to look beautiful? Why do I need to dress like someone else to feel beautiful?

Apparently if you are beautiful outwardly everyone assumes you are smarter, more reliable and will want to be graced with your presence, they will be more likely to help you and regard you as less dumb.

What about the inner beauty? What about having a kind soul? What about that inner part of you that needs to be just as beautiful. Why is it ignored? Is it because no one but yourself can experience and view it? I believe your inner beauty is reflected within your outward beauty.

What use is a beautiful face when it conceals contempt and disregard for others? What use is your trendy wardrobe when you flash it just to mock others who are unable to access it? What use is your beautiful face if it just spits venom on others?

You can conceal your outer flaws with make up but how will you conceal your dis-attractive inner personality?

Just because I don’t conform to your ideas of beauty does not mean I am ugly or incapable.

Beauty is how you feel not how you appear.



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