GUITAR SONG – By Victor Hugo



How shall we flee sorrow – flee sorrow? said he.
How, how! How shall we flee sorrow – flee sorrow? said he.
How – how – how? answered she.

How shall we see pleasure – see pleasure? said he.
How, how! How shall we see pleasure – see pleasure? said he.
Dream – dream – dream! answered she.

How shall we be happy – be happy? said he.
How, how! How shall we be happy – be happy? said he.
Love – love – love! whispered she.

Portrait of a Child – Victor Hugo

A Poem dedicated to a daughter by a loving father



That brow, that smile, that cheek so fair,
Beseem my child, who weeps and plays:
A heavenly spirit guards her ways,
From whom she stole that mixture rare.
Through all her features shining mild,
The poet sees an angel there,
The father sees a child.

And by their flame so pure and bright,
We see how lately those sweet eyes
Have wandered down from Paradise,
And still are lingering in its light.

All earthly things are but a shade
Through which she looks at things above,
And sees the holy Mother-maid,
Athwart her mother’s glance of love.

She seems celestial songs to hear,
And virgin souls are whispering near.
Till by her radiant smile deceived,
I say, “Young angel, lately given,
When was thy martyrdom achieved?
And what name lost thou bear in heaven?”

Envy & Avarice – A Poem by Victor Hugo



Envy and Avarice, one summer day,
Sauntering abroad
In quest of the abode
Of some poor wretch or fool who lived that way–
You–or myself, perhaps–I cannot say–
Along the road, scarce heeding where it tended,
Their way in sullen, sulky silence wended;

For, though twin sisters, these two charming creatures,
Rivals in hideousness of form and features,
Wasted no love between them as they went.
Pale Avarice,
With gloating eyes,
And back and shoulders almost double bent,
Was hugging close that fatal box
For which she’s ever on the watch
Some glance to catch
Suspiciously directed to its locks;
And Envy, too, no doubt with silent winking
At her green, greedy orbs, no single minute
Withdrawn from it, was hard a-thinking
Of all the shining dollars in it.

The only words that Avarice could utter,
Her constant doom, in a low, frightened mutter,
‘There’s not enough, enough, yet in my store!’
While Envy, as she scanned the glittering sight,
Groaned as she gnashed her yellow teeth with spite,
‘She’s more than me, more, still forever more!’

Thus, each in her own fashion, as they wandered,
Upon the coffer’s precious contents pondered,
When suddenly, to their surprise,
The God Desire stood before their eyes.
Desire, that courteous deity who grants
All wishes, prayers, and wants;
Said he to the two sisters: ‘Beauteous ladies,
As I’m a gentleman, my task and trade is
To be the slave of your behest–
Choose therefore at your own sweet will and pleasure,
Honors or treasure!
Or in one word, whatever you’d like best.
But, let us understand each other–she
Who speaks the first, her prayer shall certainly
Receive–the other, the same boon _redoubled!_’

Imagine how our amiable pair,
At this proposal, all so frank and fair,
Were mutually troubled!
Misers and enviers, of our human race,
Say, what would you have done in such a case?
Each of the sisters murmured, sad and low
‘What boots it, oh, Desire, to me to have
Crowns, treasures, all the goods that heart can crave,
Or power divine bestow,
Since still another must have always more?’

So each, lest she should speak before
The other, hesitating slow and long
Till the god lost all patience, held her tongue.
He was enraged, in such a way,
To be kept waiting there all day,
With two such beauties in the public road;
Scarce able to be civil even,
He wished them both–well, not in heaven.

Envy at last the silence broke,
And smiling, with malignant sneer,
Upon her sister dear,
Who stood in expectation by,
Ever implacable and cruel, spoke
‘I would be blinded of _one_ eye!’

One Too Many…………

You asked for a single glance towards you and  dimmed out all the brightness in my sight

You asked for a step in your direction and completely demolished the path I walked on

You asked for a second of my life and wasted millions of seconds on your selfish and ungrateful self

You asked for a tiny spot on my heart and ultimately conquered every spot with your self centered and miserly one

You asked for my trust and utterly destroyed every ounce I bestowed on you

You asked for a smile and left me with tempests of tears

You asked for a hand and cruelly crushed my presence bit by bit till I could only crumble down to the floor

You asked for a breath  and devoured so many I was left suffocating and barely alive

You asked for a wish and plunged me into an overflowing abyss of desires never granting me an opportunity to wish something for myself

You asked for a shred of hope and burnt out every fiber of hope I could hold on to

You asked for a shoulder to cry on and buried me under the casket of your ceaseless and meaningless struggles

You asked for a listening ear and left melodies of your wants and fancies repeating over and over

You asked for a kiss and ravished every inch of my skin with your lustful longings and greed

You asked for my heart and slaughtered it mercilessly with your venomous arrows

You asked for an arm around you and wrapped yourself onto me like a python does to a helpless prey

You asked for courage and like a black hole that sucked out every bit  I owned

You asked for guidance and left me into a devilish maze of no escape

You asked for faith and left with me self doubt

You asked for friendship and turned me into my own worst foe

You asked for a pint and took away handfuls

You asked for attention and retained my focus towards you

You asked for a moment and took an eternity

You asked for a drop and took away barrels

You asked for one and took away millions

You demanded the truth from me but lied every second you had

You asked for a petal and left me with thorns only

You asked for flesh and left me with bones

You asked for warmth and let the chills trail down my spine

You desired a home and left me with a brick broken in half

You asked for a  spoonful and devoured the entire portion

You asked for one I gave endlessly

You always asked for one

One second

One moment

One opportunity

One chance

One bit

But ended up with millions and millions more

Yet you are unsatisfied

You hated I loved

You won I lost

You laughed I cried

You brightened I dimmed

You survived I perished

You flew I crawled

You soared I diminished

Yet you are unsatisfied

What more can you get out of nothing?

What more do you want?

I have neither anything left to give nor to bestow

The little that I am trying to pull together

The little that I have accomplished

The little that I possess

The little that I smile

The little that I crave

The Little that I deserve

The Little that I want

is just for myself.

There is nothing for you.

You are one too many!!!!!






Inner Beauty Vs Outer Beauty




Beauty is perceived in various ways by every person. For some it is wearing a beautiful dress. For others it is being clad in pearls and jewels. To others its walking in high heels and to others its just having a cute smile. However we perceive it beauty has many forms and could signify various attitudes across diverse cultures and platforms.

Beauty is not only regarded to be a human feature but it is seen in art, nature, literature, music, language and many other forums. Countless of words and images have portrayed beauty from time immemorial.

What puzzles me about human beauty is that it is valued more in terms of an individual’s outer appearance. How you dress, how you walk, how you talk impacts your life in numerous ways. Undoubtedly everyone who wants to succeed in life has to appear smart and confident. No one would give importance to an object that is not well presented or just plain.

The emphasis placed on your outward beauty is so much more important to the world. I have always faced this problem more so in the professional world. Everyone wants to set standards on how you should dress, how you should appear and how you should walk or eat. This has often had a devastating impact on my esteem where I have felt worthless and demeaned like an object.

Its not that I dress poorly or don’t appear pretty. I dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable and enables me to work effectively. I apply minimal make up and wear shoes that will not give me pain or render me unable to walk as the day goes on. But in some way or other I end up on the line feeling dissatisfied and drained due to the endless demands on my outward appearance.

You need to lose weight, You are fat.

You need to apply this product and that product on your face.

You need to change your wardrobe.

You need to put on makeup to look beautiful.

You need to dress like so and so.

The remarks never cease on how I can change myself to ideals identified as beautiful according to the society.

All I am asking is why do I have to be thin to feel beautiful? Why do I have wear the latest trends to feel beautiful? Why do I have to apply make up to look beautiful? Why do I need to dress like someone else to feel beautiful?

Apparently if you are beautiful outwardly everyone assumes you are smarter, more reliable and will want to be graced with your presence, they will be more likely to help you and regard you as less dumb.

What about the inner beauty? What about having a kind soul? What about that inner part of you that needs to be just as beautiful. Why is it ignored? Is it because no one but yourself can experience and view it? I believe your inner beauty is reflected within your outward beauty.

What use is a beautiful face when it conceals contempt and disregard for others? What use is your trendy wardrobe when you flash it just to mock others who are unable to access it? What use is your beautiful face if it just spits venom on others?

You can conceal your outer flaws with make up but how will you conceal your dis-attractive inner personality?

Just because I don’t conform to your ideas of beauty does not mean I am ugly or incapable.

Beauty is how you feel not how you appear.