Confessions Of A Broken Heart

If I could drop a star from the sky for every time you broke my heart the sky would be empty at night

If I could pick a rose for every time I was hurt in love I am sure all the world’s gardens would be devoid of roses

If I could succumb to letting my tears flow for every time I have been subjected to humiliation all the world’s deserts would be flourishing with waterfalls

If I could write a saga of how deeply I have been emotionally betrayed I am sure all the paper in the world would be filled up

If I could receive a pinch for every time I believed your lies my skin would be blue with scars

If I could save a dollar for every time you let me down I would be a billionaire

If I could erase a day in my life for every time I wasted waiting for you I would be on the verge of death by now

If I could light a candle for every time you burnt my desires and passion the entire world would flood with candles

If I could say a prayer for every time you crushed my soul to bits and pieces God would need an assistant to remember my prayers

If I could smile for every time you disappointed me I would be smiling till the last day of my life

If I could lay a pearl for every time you broke your promises I would have a magnificent pendant around my neck

If I could lose a breath for every time you ignored my existence I would have no more breaths left

If I could feed a man for every time I lost my appetite because of you the world would be rid of hunger

If I could clothe a person for every time I laid myself  bare at your pleasure there would be none with rags

If I could shelter a person for every time you left me stranded the homeless would have a villa

If I could erase a ray of the sun for every time you satisfied your ego at my expense the sun would have no more rays

If I could plant a seed for every time you considered your needs superior to mine I would have a blossoming garden

If I could loosen a brick in my house for every time you falsely claimed to love me I would have no roof over my head

If I could pardon a sinner for every time you lied to me the world would be full of saints

If I could travel a country for every time I put my needs aside for yours I would be a renowned traveler

If I could paint a canvass for every time you deceived me there would no empty spot at the art gallery

I don’t blame you for my suffering

I blame myself for letting you force me to make these confessions.


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