Neglected Soul

Lost in Thought

Adrift from Reality

Wandering aimlessly from dusk to dawn

I try to make sense of the pain you inflicted on my soul

I try to mull over where I wronged you

I seek answers from the depths of my soul and being

Yet nothing surfaces upon my reasoning.


Devoid of Love

Absent from your heart

drifting apart every second

I try to discern why you left my hand midway on the path we  vowed to walk side by side

I try to implore earnestly hoping you will salvage the wrecked bits of my heart

Yet you move further and further apart as if I were a devious mirage trying to capture your presence


Obsessed by love and care for you

Haunted by the memory of the love you showered on my withering spirit

Engrossed in the superfluous fantasy of perfect love

I envision a momentary delusion of us at the zenith of our passionate love

Yet my instinct urges me to shun away the unreal curse you bestowed upon my life


Dazzled by the fairy tale you enticed me with

Perplexed by your fanciful flattery that always melted my heart

Bewildered by the romantic notion of your heroism

I hopelessly endeavor to pull you away from the darkness you are treading into

I desperately beseech you to let the light flicker its magnificent sight on your darkening reflection

I desolately plead for my embrace to shelter your heart from the devious enigmas you are lured by

Yet you repulse and shun my love away


Entrapped by the remembrance of the ecstatic devotion I felt for you

Vehement with the desire to shower eternal allegiance towards your salvation

Fervid with need

Crazed with your lustrous gestures

I single handedly diminish all the negative forces attempting to wipe out the love I have for you

I ravenously yearn to feel even a scanty bit of affection from you

Yet you refuse to believe in my love

Yet you endlessly inflict distress upon my heart

Yet you ceaselessly neglect my love, care and concern viewing as a menace in your life

Visioning it as a deathly plague

Jeering it as a useless piece of trash

Ridiculing it as if it were an antic to be mocked



My neglected soul shares no regrets

My neglected soul bears no guilt

My neglected soul allows no more pain

My neglected soul acquiesces no more sorrow

My neglected soul confesses death to your love

My neglected soul mourns for your loss

My neglected soul declares its retreat from your life

My neglected soul reveals its hatred for your unacceptable conduct

My neglected soul affirms its oath on healing

My neglected soul pledges loath for your thriving soul

My neglected soul vows guarantees abomination of your existence

My neglected soul utters its final say

May you feel even a tiny fraction of the neglect you inflicted on my innocent soul.

May you bear the burden of false love

And shed tears that scream of pain from neglect.

May you also be doomed to possess a neglected soul.






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