Always Waiting

Seconds pass by like tiny grains of sand

Minutes fly away like a shooting star in the sky

Hours cave in like day and night

Days roll on like a stone hurriedly trotting down a cliff

Months flash by like brightness after the dark night

Years whirl  endlessly like a spinning wheel

Decades set in like the dew drops on a leaf

Centuries cast their presence like a newborn’s first cry

Millennias hurriedly speed away like lightening disappears from the sky

Eons and Ages come and go like day and night

Seasons blossom and wither away

Yet one thing never ceases to exist

I keep on waiting for him

I keep on hoping that tomorrow will dawn and he will be by my side

I keep up the belief in our love

I keep on nourishing my faith in him

I hold on tightly to the memories we shared

I grasp on to the trail of his kiss on my lips

I give in to the temptation of caressing my skin where he last touched me

I keep on re-playing the sound of his last words like an echo in a tunnel

I engrave his smiling face deep in my mind, never letting it fade

I keep up a happy front even though sadness envelopes my withering heart

I let the rain wash away the specks of doubt surfacing within me

I let the waves pull me far away where I can reach out my holding hand to him

I fight back all the tears threatening to pour from my lids

I choose to ignore all the signs that he may never come back

That he may never return my love

That he may never hold my hand again

Or kiss me with a sinful passion

Or hold me in his arms and rock me to oblivion

I keep on waiting and waiting and waiting

Till either time ceases to exist or I burn with a guilty desire of death and solace.



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