Love Like Never Before

Love is a very intriguing emotion that can awaken the darkest of souls

Love is a very heartfelt desire that holds every breath of your life

Love is a very intense passion that drives you to depths you never knew existed

Love is the very flame that lights up your day

Love is the air you breath but never see, which could give you life or force you to beg for life

Love is that force which tames the wild and wilds the tame

Love is that feature of nature which overpowers your entire being

Love is that final step you take towards the finishing line

Love is that trust you bestow on a soul that could reward you or carry you to the deathly hallows

Love is that star which glimmers in the sky but could lose its shine by a cloud

Love is that fear which is hidden beneath your bravado but which surfaces nonetheless

Love is that attractive petal  that shadows the prick of the thorn

Love is that bridge you hold on to knowing you could fall any second

Love is the remedy that heals all ailments only to clutch your soul with a dreadful malady

Love is that power pulling souls across frontiers yet driving apart the universe

Love is that curse which is a blessing in disguise

Love is that sword which can save a life or lose a life

Love is that path of no return

Love is that overwhelming desire of melting mountains with a mere puff

You know its ability to tear your heart apart into a million fragments

Yet you bear the risk

Hoping to embrace in into your arms

And Never Let it Go.

You know you are in love when you prepare yourself to be torn into shreds only to shelter your beloved with the final breath of your being.

Miles Apart

Miles Apart yet so close to each other

Remembering the last time we talked is an ordeal I never want to forget

Remembering the last time I heard your voice is comparable to an echo I keep on tracing

Remembering the last time you smiled is a hidden treasure hidden in the depths of the ocean

Remembering the last time I fell asleep listening to your voice is like exploring a dark cave hoping to catch some light

Remembering the sweet words you whispered are like the lyrics of a song you don’t know too well flowing in your mind

Remembering the utterances of our hearts is comparable to a mother hearing the first words of her baby

All those times you made me smile effortlessly

All those texts which made me all giggly

All those calls which made my heart shudder with excitement

It has been awhile since I felt this yet never for a moment did these feeling cease to elude me

Never did my heart abstain from skipping a beat every time my thoughts turned towards you

Never did my soul refrain from feeling the depths of your silence

Never did my eyes quit yearning for a glimpse of your face

Never did the goosebumps refrain from appearing on my skin hoping to feel the touch of your skin

All the distance between us

All the silence between us

All the fear between us

Yet life bounces us back on each other’s path

Miles and Miles apart we were

Yet so close to each other

Life is full of surprises and being beside you again is a journey I never want to complete