The Grievances Of My Heart

Everyday as I shield my eyes from the light rays flowing from the early morning sun my heart skips a beat feeling your gaze fixed on me,

Everyday as I slowly place my hands away from my eyes, I sense the rhythm of your feet as you move closer and closer towards me,

Everyday as I take a few steps back to rush towards you like a strong gush of wind, I imagine your arms wide open ready to pull me into a tight hug,

Everyday as I stretch myself preparing for a busy day ahead, I have a sudden thought of you taking my hands in yours, blowing sweet kisses, awakening a deep desire to melt into your wide strong arms,

Everyday as I lay my feet on the road, I only look forward to the sun setting hiding behind the majestic mountains, just so I could get a glimpse of you at the door welcoming me to our own little piece of heaven,

Everyday as I go about tapping my feet to the dull beat of music in my life, your remembrance casts a loving spell on my existence giving me the strength and courage to hold on,

Everyday as I take a morsel of sweet sour delights, I cherish the memory of your fingers on my soft lips devour the delicious meal you prepared with so much love

Everyday as I feel like I cannot take a single step towards the dark and scary tunnel, I feel your hands in mine ushering me forward leading me to safety and warmth

Everyday as I continuously bore you with chitter chatter I note how eagerly you listen to me even though you have heard the same story a million times

Everyday as I feel the rage rising like a hurricane taking me inner within its deadly spheres I feel the anger brewing in your veins forcing you to lash out and bang the wall,

Everyday as tiny tears fall from my eyes, I feel your hands wiping away the tears, comforting me, showering with apologies

Everyday as I lay on bed I feel your breath on mine leading me to a sweet melody of endless dreams

Every night  as I rise up from a nightmare gasping for breath I realize you are nothing but a fantasy

You are nothing but an empty canvass never to be painted with beautiful colours

You are nothing but a bare piece of land with no flower to blossom on

You are nothing but a tiny speck of dust in the vast universe

You are nothing but a dream that ceases when day breaks

You are like a crack on glass which will eventually lose resolve and fracture into a million pieces

You are like a tiny droplet surrounded by waves of the ocean

You are like an unfinished masterpiece no one will ever see

You are like an invisible path never to be crossed

You are like a fire with no flames

You are like a sky with no clouds

You are like a book with no words

You are like a song with no music

You are like an ailment with no remedy

You are like a diamond with no shine

You are like wine with no taste

You are like a tree with no branches

You are like a barren womb with no offspring

You are like a thorn with no prick

You are like a wave with no water

You are like a knight with no sword

You are like a star with no shimmery light

You are like the sun with no rays

You are the devil with no fangs

You are the angel with no wings

You are a soldier with no might

You are a king with no kingdom

Never to be cherished

Never to be showered with love

Never to be held

Never to be challenged.

You will always be a lonely soul scarred and no longer at ease.

You have lost life without death.

Blessed be you, My heart

For you shall never truly love nor be truly loved.


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