Life as a scene in a movie

Life is like a scene in a movie. We have the lead actor, actress, producer, singer and director. Every character equally contributes towards completion of the movie.

Some characters play a very minor role, for instance, the dancers who support the lead actor as he sways to match the rhythm and beat of the song. The singer gives voice to the lifeless words on a piece of paper. The singer is supported by a number of individuals whose voice is only heard in chorus.

While we watch an artist dancing our eyes are fixed on him only. When we hear a song play our ears hear only the tune of the artist. We never pay much attention to the dancers in the background or the singers in a chorus.

When a movie is nominated for an award its only the main characters who are awarded. When a song hits the blockbuster chart only the lead singer is awarded.

What about those artists who are featured only in the background? Why aren’t they rewarded? Why doesn’t the audience appreciate their contribution? They move and shake their bodies to the same music. They give voice to the same song.

Some people in life are like the famous celebrities we observe in movies. They are well known, successful, and greatly admired.
Others are the background artists. No matter how hard they try they are seldom blessed with the limelight.

So where do you stand? Does your life represent the main artist or the support artists?


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