The other side of loneliness

Every person has their better half whose absence often causes a sense of helplessness and despair. You could be amidst a large crowd yet feel all alone without the other half.

Such is the emptiness that not even utter devotion to God can fill the void of their absence.

Loneliness can never leave one’s life. It can temporarily be forgotten or hidden but it will eventually  surface.

It can be covered with a smile or courageous attitude yet it will reveal its presence within a second.

It can be shadowed in daylight yet it will cast its presence in the darkest of hours.

It can be voiced by sound or words yet its effect will be reflected even in silence.

It can be enveloped in the deepest  corners of one’s soul yet crop up with the slightest pull.

It can obsess one’s thought yet elude any form of explanation.

It can break one’s spirit yet ignite hope for togetherness.

It can build lives yet completely destroy lives.

It just depends on which side of loneliness you stand. Are you in that side that shelters hope of togetherness? Or are you on that dark side that can rip lives apart just to feel a tiny fraction of belonging?


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