My First Ever Boat Ride

Every time I set foot on the beach I realize how serene and marvelous it is. The soft sand, the sound of the waves and tides all convey music that enlightens my soul. The beauty of the ocean is comparable to an artist  painting a breath taking image that excites the observer who can’t wait to see the completed image. It truly is heaven on earth; A glimpse of paradise. What a wondrous creation the Almighty has created.

Last weekend I had my first ever boat ride. I was jittery and scared as well. What if i drown? What if the boat stops midway? What if we are stranded and we were told to jump into the deep waters of the ocean? All these fears made me take a step back and reconsider if I really wanted to take a chance. As i stood thinking I realized every day we are bound by certain limits which hinder us from doing the things we normally would have loved to do. So often we are scared of taking risks that lead us to regret why we did not take the chance. The only way to live your life is to step ahead and take a chance. Every day of your life cross a limit you have subconsciously set for yourself. Only by fighting in the battle field will you understand your inner strength and ability.

Slowly but carefully I forced my feet towards the boat. I sat on a corner where I could hold on to the poles holding the flag at the front. Soon the boat filled up with more people and we began our journey. I had butterflies in my stomach but as the boat caught up with speed, I let go and embraced the cold breeze swaying on my face. My hair flew in all directions and i felt a sudden shiver. Soon i felt no fear but warm excitement like a puppy which has just seen its master after a long time.

The boat moved swiftly, fighting the waves and rhythmically matching the speed of the ever going waters. I could feel water droplets on my face as the boat moved on even faster. It was like the ocean was showering me with a big welcome. The salty water made my eyes sting and I quickly rubbed them off. But that did not wear me out.

The journey came to an abrupt stop. The sailor showed us a rocky and densely covered island with lots of trees and greenery. He told us no one can set foot in this island. It is full of huge venomous snakes. If you get hold of one it could cover up 20 boats like this one. I was amazed by this mysterious island but no one was brave enough to explore it any further. The sailor and his team followed a strict set of rules and safety of passengers was the foremost. They would not have let us explore the island.

Our journey continued. High waves rose on the ocean which wet our boat and we all exclaimed with laughter. Seeing the depths of the ocean at such a close range was an experience I will never forget. It harbors different life forms, some known others unknown. It carries secrets of ancient civilizations. It has swallowed millions of victims of ship wrecks. Yet its mystery continues to elude the whole of mankind.

After a few minutes we arrived at Mbudya Island. It was surrounded by trees, mighty rocks and lots of people had graced the island with their presence. Some were basking in the sun. Others swimming. Some in the arms of their beloved. Others swimming and squealing with delight.

I was pricked by flowers and buds on the hot sun but nonetheless I was excited and eager to see the rest of the island. I saw tiny fish swimming hurriedly around the water between the rocks. i could see sea shells all over on the shore. Some were broken while others were whole. Some of them still has tiny crabs inside them that bit those holding them.

I moved with my circle of friends around the whole island, playing in the water, teasing each other and sprinkling water on each other.It was truly the best day of my life.

As the sun was setting we saw the sky turn into a bluish pink welcoming the moon to cast its trap around the sky. The water slowly turned from a greenish blue to a dark black color making everyone realize the day had come to an end. We summoned the boat and set to go back home.

The ocean is much more appealing at night. Its dark shadow can mislead many a soul and carry it to its deepest corners. It is like the ocean is telling you that the day is over and now I reign over the world. Your power subsists only while sunlight lasts. Once the moon crowns its glory and stars emerge above I am the rightful heir of the world.





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