Borrowed Love

Love is a special feeling that connects the soul of two individuals pulling them together in their lives. Love is sacred. It is a feeling which binds a mother to her child, a brother to a sister, a friend to another and a lover to his beloved. It holds the world and encourages compassion as well as generosity towards all mankind. Neither is it dependent on age, gender, location nor weight, race, religion or any other variable.

It is a powerful emotion that has captured the attention of writers, artists, philosophers, poets and singers. Many tales have been woven portraying the power of love. One such example is the play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare where two souls deeply in love die to honor their love. One of the wonders of the world The Taj Mahal in India signifies the love Shah Jahan (Emperor) had for his wife (Mumtaz Mahal).

However in the recent times love has lost its original purity and sacredness. It is now easier to connect with people around the world with just a click. The media has made it easier to find new romantic interests and has a different tale on the various aspects of love each day. We now have lovers whose obsessions leads them to murder, spouses cheating on each other, or stalking and harassing individuals to attract attention. Inter cast or Inter racial marriages are on the rise. We have activists advocating for same sex marriages.In the midst of all these love has lost its permanency, its tranquility and its originality.

Love is now available cheaply and in any form you require. You can buy it for a night, a day or a number of days. You can get it at hotels, homes or even on the street. You can pay for it in shillings or dollars. What before was a secret enclosed behind closed doors is now a sight for everyone to enjoy. Children are exposed to this at a very early and vulnerable age. People get close to each other and soon part their ways.

One such phenomenon is what i decided to name “Borrowed Love,” It is that love which is temporarily borrowed and has to be returned once the moments of love are over.

As is my routine I was sitting on the bench outside my apartment waiting for the car to the office I overheard two women talking to each other. One young woman was sharing her opinion with regards to her love issue. A married man had approached her wanting to spend his life with her. Nothing was wrong with wanting this. However he was married and his wife lived far away in another country. He wanted to keep his affair with her a secret.

The girl continued “If i agree to live with him here one person or the other will know about our affair. They could easily object to our living together. The only way out is for me to demand a fully furnished house far away from his normal residence and he can come see me there. Alternatively I can move to another country with him. Since no one will be acquainted with us there we can carry out our affair secretly.”

Is love between a man and his wife so weak? Does distance really make one forget all the vows to care for their partner? What happened to sticking to one another in good and bad times, in health and in sickness, in riches and in poverty? Are these promises insignificant? Do they hold no value anymore?

This kind of love is just borrowed love. Sooner or later you will have to return it back to the person who rightfully deserves it. A man who has not been loyal to his wife, how can you expect loyalty from him? What about his children? What about the children you will have with him? Don’t children deserve a happy fulfilling life with both parents? Will he marry you and accept you in front of the whole world? Will your love be strong enough to hold on to in the long run?

Love has to treasured not discarded at the next moment available. It has to bring people together not drive them apart. Love has bring happiness not sorrow. Love has to accept not reject. Love has to be real not fake. It has to be eternal and ever lasting. It has to subsist through time and tide not be washed away like prints on the shore.

Love should never be borrowed like a commodity.


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