Why Does She Stay?

I am truly inspired by your article…..So many women experience violence at the hands of their partners in terms of verbal abuse, physical abuse as well as emotional abuse. Your article clearly portrays the emotions and pain a woman goes through.
A very touching article.

My life in words

More than once have i woken up to her cries in the morning! I lean through the window to hear what she is trying to say through her mumbled words a midst her tears,with my hands on the door knob, i fight the urge to open the door and run to her and give her a very big warm hug that will maybe/kinda/probably reassure her that all’s gonna be alright! But then, my hands feel frozen and can’t move.  My heart tells me to go out there and comfort her but my body is so weak with so many uncertainties.

A thousand questions race through my mind while standing there: will my hug be a welcoming sight to her? What if she thinks I’m intruding her privacy? Will she be willing to listen to the advice of this young girl who is not married, let alone have a boyfriend? A…

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