My Inspiration

Every morning as I wait for the office car to pick me for work I sit on the bench just outside my apartment. I really look forward to this time of the day. I can quietly watch others rushing to earn their daily bread, cars coming and going, young men selling boiled maize, vitumbua or freshly brewed coffee.

I look around for any familiar faces I have come across from my daily observation. I try to figure out what each face is telling me. Like an artist I watch and listen to the voices around me hoping to catch the latest gossip around town. I like to observe people as they hustle and bustle in their daily lives and capture it in my mind. I like to write about what I observe and learn from the environment. I get most of my inspiration from this daily ritual.

One can learn a lot from observing what goes around them. You can know who is excited about their day. You can see who is sad, You can see how the wealthy move around in expensive cars while the poor have nothing to cover their body with, You can see how hurriedly the daylight envelopes the dark night into a canvass of bright flame. You can hear the creaking iron doors of nearby shops opening up.

Every sight and sound has something to say. You just need the patience and ability to decipher the puzzle you observe.


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